Daily Diary | A Random Midnight Talk

It just a- me talk today. 👉👈

I don't feel like doing anything (okay, now that sounds like Bruno Mars's song). Basically, it was that. Waking up in the morning with a headache and period pain. That combo is totally worse. I just want to sleep but I didn't. Instead, I'm going out with my dad and my sisters. Went out to eat lunch, go for window-shopping and came back home decided to clean all my cats. By cleaning, I mean, showering them which I know they hate it so much but they need to since it's been a while. After that, play with them and watching them all run around the house. It makes me happy! 😻

Although, in the morning I may not in the mood but then, in the afternoon, I got a happy book mail that totally really put a smile on my face. So excited to them all. Thank you so much, Pansing! 😍 I will show you all the books on my bookstagram by tomorrow and make book haul on the blog once, I have photographed the books. Yeap, just like I said, it is my lazy day today. Even to photographing the books.

Anyway, it's 12;15am and I am sitting in front of my laptop, watching my kitchen rules season 10 also scrolling down on Shopee to find a dotted journal. Can anyone suggest me the best-dotted journal at a good price with a beautiful cover? Still, haven't found one yet. Might continue looking for it tomorrow. Maybe. 🤭

That's all for my random daily diary for today. This random thing might happen once in a blue moon.

I see you in my next amazing post. Good night! xx 🌙


By the way, I'm planning to go to Jinjja Chicken tomorrow. Have you tried Jjamjja Myeon?