MPH Bookstores Partnering With Shopee

Attention everyone! There is hugely exciting news to share with you and that is... MPH Bookstores is partnering with Shopee. It means you can now purchase books with MPH Bookstores through Shopee. Isn't that amazing? To me, that is really wonderful as I have been shopping a lot on Shopee. Truly exciting!

With this another alternative to shopping for the books you want for you and your family through Shopee, it makes your shopping at ease as you would not have to go to the physical bookstores and browsing through row by row to find the books you want. Although, going to the bookstore itself is always be the best one. You can never deny that but with this new alternative using your technology devices, it will put you at ease to browse them through the website/apps together with your family.

Launch Event

During the launch of MPH Bookstores with Shopee, Ivy Tan, General Manager, Business Development, MPH Bookstores explain that partnering with Shopee, they would able to leverage on their large database of 20 million users nationwide. Thus, this will enable them to offer books to a new customer who has not been MPH Online customers.

Moreover, Shopee's Book Club is a newly launched program for booksellers on the e-commerce platform through this, it will provide year-long exposure to Shopee's partner and could instill the love of reading in Malaysians.

As stated by Marianne Chuo, Marketing Lead, Shopee Malaysia, "We are proud to be working with key booksellers and publishers in Malaysia including MPH to drive sales, but more importantly to play our part and contribute to building a stronger reading culture in the country. Reading allows one to see the many possibilities and different perspectives the world has to offer, and many great leaders can vouch for that. American author and educator Margaret Fuller once said ‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’. As Shopee scales its product offerings with everything to offer, we look forward to welcoming more brands and sellers on-board as we grow our book category to continue providing our users with more stories and reading material."

Why purchase books from MPH Bookstores through Shopee? Here is why:

1. Through Shopee, there will be an exclusive promo, discount and contest personalized for Shopee users that will complement with MPH Online.
2. For Shopee Users, you will able to use your Shopee Coins to discount your retail price to purchase books.
3. MPH intends to offer a full range of genre, authors, poets on the platform so, you will able to find your favourite books.
4. MPH also plan to have an exclusive launch for new books on Shopee also meet-and-greet sessions with authors and the fans.

Isn't that wonderful? There are loads of great deals offer by MPH Online through Shopee! I can't wait.

Launch Event

Anyway, here is the best part that I'm sure you want to hear about. To celebrate with the launch of the official store on Shopee, MPH will be giving away a voucher up to RM 10 with a minimum spend of RM50. It is valid from now until August 8th, 2019

Other than that, from 1st August to 31st August 2019, top 3 spenders on MPH Bookstores Official Stores on Shopee will be going to win RM 100 worth of assorted books. That sounds really amazing! The winners will be notified by MPH Bookstores Official Stores.

The launch of MPH Bookstores Official Bookstores is also a part of the Shopee Brand Festival that will be taking place on 1st August until 18th August 2019 in which users on Shopee Mall will enjoy amazing deals and promo.

The users will also enjoy as low as RM 1 during Shocking Sale and grab their surprise hour 50% vouchers and will be awarded gifts when they purchase selected products. Wonderful, doesn't it?

For more information, you may visit MPH Bookstores on Shopee.