Six YA Novels Written by Muslim Author 2019 - I Discover Quite Recently


2016 is the year I begin to pick English novel again after so many years leaving them behind. As soon as I begin I have discovered so many amazing authors that I have not heard before and their books are really wonderful. And then, I step into a bookish community through Twitter and Instagram, I discovered more and more YA novels written by Muslim author! It's awesome! I am so excited to read their books and get my hands on their books. They certainly need to get all the hype in which they deserve. For that, this year I promise myself to read more books written by the Muslim authors.

I would love to share with you YA novels written by the Muslim authors in 2019. So, here we go:

🌷 Tahereh Mafi

The very first Muslim author that I discover and I own one of her novel which is Furthermore.

Six 2019 YA Novels Written by Muslim Author

I have read Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi in which I am so so in love with the story. That book is seriously amazing and has written beautifully. It is still one of my favourites. I haven't picked up her latest book, titled - A Very Large Expanse of Sea. oh my goodness, I need to buy that book soon. Her other books are Shatter Me series in which, the new book in the series will be out in the world soon.

🌷 Hanna Alkaf

If you have not yet known, Hanna Alkaf is a Malaysia Muslim author that has written a book, titled - The Weight of Our Sky. It is a YA historical fiction that sets on May 13th, 1969. It was in our history. If you have not yet picked this book, go and buy them. 

Six 2019 YA Novels Written by Muslim Author

Her other books are Gila: A Journey Through Moods & Madness. She's also contributed her writing on Little Basket 2017: New Malaysian Writing, Chronicles of KK, Champion Fellas, The Binge - Watching Cure, Endings & Beginnings. Also, new books expected to be published in 2020 - The Girl and The Ghost.

🌷 Nafiza Azad

Six 2019 YA Novels Written by Muslim Author

A new Muslim author I just discovered recently with her debut YA Fantasy novel that has already been published recently. The title of the book is The Candle and The Flame. I am so excited to read this book very soon!!! 

🌷 S.K. Ali

Another wonderful Muslim author - S.K. Ali. Her books Love From A To Z just published early this year. The story is so interesting and I truly want to get my hands on that book. But I am just activating my book buying ban. 😔

Six 2019 YA Novels Written by Muslim Author

Anyway, her other books are Saints & Misfits, Anthology - Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales, Foreshadow: A Serial YA Anthology of Short Stories and The Proudest Blue.

🌷 Sabaa Tahir

Her famous books series Ember In The Ashes. Have you read it? Because...erm... I am yet to read her books! Duh. Fatina hmm

Six 2019 YA Novels Written by Muslim Author

Anyway, her other books are From A Certain Point of View, How I Resist: Activism and Hope for a New Generation, Three Sides of a Heart: Stories about Love Triangles. These are an anthology and collection of short stories, poem, etc...

🌷 Hafsah Faizal

Six 2019 YA Novels Written by Muslim Author

Hafsah Faizal has published her first book title, 'We Hunt The Flame' on May 14th, 2019. It's YA Fantasy we are talking here and just read the synopsis, I have been blown away by it.

Honorable mentions (Just discovered through Goodreads account):

Aisha Saed - Written In The Stars (published in 2015), The Amal Bound (published in 2018)
Arvin Ahmadi - Down and Across (published in 2018), Girl Gone Viral (published in 2019)

These are the Muslim authors that I have already their books on my TBR lists. Definitely will share on my blog and Instagram account once I've already have their book. So, do keep an eye on it! 👁👁

what about you?

Have you read any of the books mentioned above?
What is your favourite?
Do suggest me more Muslim authors.

Share your thoughts in the comment below.