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After drafting it for so long in my mind and only writing a title without proceeding to write the content. Finally, it is time for me to do what I should do before. No more delaying. I have been meaning to write this because it was what it does to me every single day or maybe it was solely because of me. Things ain't that easy to get through it. The power for what it did to me is always strong. Or it might be I love for what it does to me. Lol So, what am I talking about? I guess you should by now already figure it out from the title itself.

Anyhow, before I start this post I should take a deep breath and adjust my seat to get comfortable as I can because that's all matters. So, besides work or housework that needs to be done, I, sporadically planning things ahead of me so that, it would make my life easier with the schedule plan for the blog, reading and so on. I know you can hear a 'but' from this sentence. In spite of the daily schedule I did, it didn't work for me always. Why? Undoubtedly, here are the 3 Things that Distract me from Updating the Blog.

Enjoy my relaxing way too much
By all means, relaxing after a full day long doing other important things in my life - relaxing is always the best one without any other option available. Laying on the bed, scrolling on alternate social media apps are always enjoy me. I just want to scroll down on the apps find something that is funny be it cats or anything also read some news which would make my day better after a stressful day. And that means, no blog update.

Playing Games

Nintendo games

With having a Nintendo Switch console, I know this will the biggest distraction ever in my life. At this moment, I will be concentrating on playing the game especially adventure games. An adventure game is my number one favourite. I like that there is a mission need to achieve and how I need to achieve that before it stated - mission accomplished. It always gives me the satisfaction and by that, it took me about half of the day. Am I complaining? No. Certainly, not. I never view this in a negative way. To me, playing games give a bundle of joy. It just that I got distracted from what I had planned for the day. 🙈 For that, no reading and no blog update.

Watching Kdrama/Cdrama

You know, I love Kdrama/Cdrama so much. I enjoy watching them and always on the look of new drama which means, I have been following quite numbers of account just so I could get an update of what is new every month. Most of the time, I will wait until the whole episode is already complete and then I will binge watching them for the whole day or two. So, no blog update.

These are the main things that will distract me from updating my blog or reading books because most of the time, I feel I need to be away from anything that involves me to think or write something which sometimes we need a break, however, if it is way wayyyy too distracting I know I should do something before I abandon things that always excite me which is the satisfaction after reading a book and the joy receiving comments on every time I write a blog post. Hence, the need to get me in front of my laptop and start creating content for the blog is very crucial and with my reading as well.

It is good to take a break from things for how long you want it. Just so, when you get back with a fresh mind, you will able to deliver wonderful content. That's how I want myself to be. Though I do realize I would randomly creating content like this which is once in a month although I have over a hundred of things I have been listed on what I want to write on the blog. Only God knows when I'm going to write it. Wish me luck! xx


what about you?

What distract you the most when you want to write a blog?
How do you manage it?

Leave your comment (s) down below.
Have a nice day! 🍁

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