Book Review | Diary of a Rich Kid by Malcolm Mejin

Book review

Published by Malcolm Mejin
Publication Date: 2018
Genre: Fantasy
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Source: Huge thanks to the author for the ebook copy in exchange for an honest review


HOW would your life be if you had so much money that it could fill the entire ocean? For Sarawakian Malcolm Mejin, he would travel all around the world in his private jet. He would also own the latest gadgets, the likes of which are so expensive that they could only be afforded by the wealthiest.

It’s such a good fantasy that Malcolm decided to pen it all down in his latest book, Diary of a Rich Kid, whose plot centres on a group of privileged, wealthy kids who lead the most lavish, extravagant lifestyle filled with excitement, suspense and adventure ― peppered with some humour.


I am honestly excited to read a book written by a Malaysian author and this the fourth book that I read written by Malaysian author if I'm not mistaken. I need to recheck those books I have read. Anyway, be it a middle grade, young adult or adult fiction, I'm all open to read it thus Diary of a Rich Kid is a middle grade and it just what I need. 

So, why this book is so good?

Diary of a Rich Kid is full of adventures and filled with laughter, funny scenes and so much more. It's light reading which you ain't feel boring at all and you can't put down your book because you need to continue your reading to know-how and what will happen next. Robin's adventure is for sure is full of fun and makes you enjoy it too.

I love Malcolm Mejin's writing. It was really easy to read with using simple English yet full of amazing vocabs which I would say, I learn a lot of wonderful words. I bet all the kids, teenagers even adult would definitely enjoy reading Diary of a Rich Kid. Now, I bet you wonder what this book is all about isn't it? What are you waiting for? Go and grab the books at your nearest bookstore.

I am really recommended you and your kids to read this book.