Book Review | Not The Girls You're Looking For by Aminah Mae Safi

book review

Publisher: Square Fish
Publication Date: June 11th, 2019 (1st published: June 19th, 2018)
Genre: YA Contemporary, Romance
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Source: Huge thanks to Pansing for the review copy in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


Debut author Aminah Mae Safi's honest and smart young adult novel is about how easy it can be to hurt those around you even if--especially if--you love them.

Lulu Saad doesn't need your advice, thank you very much. She's got her three best friends and nothing can stop her from conquering the known world. Sure, for half a minute she thought she'd nearly drowned a cute guy at a party, but he was totally faking it. And fine, yes, she caused a scene during Ramadan. It's all under control. Ish.

Except maybe this time she's done a little more damage than she realizes. And if Lulu can't find her way out of this mess soon, she'll have to do more than repair friendships, family alliances, and wet clothing. She'll have to go looking for herself.


I feel like I want to write my review for this book in a point form. So, yeah. Here we go;

1. NTGYLF has a Muslim representation which is one of the day reason that I am so excited to read this book. I love the story set during Ramadan.

2. The story plot was really want us to explore on Lulu Saad's character. I was a bit confused when I started my reading. As time goes by through and through the chapter, I get it what is the story was but I'm not going to lie to you - to me, it wasn't an easy read. 

3. Lulu Saad is the main character of NTFYLF. She is born to Muslim Iraqi dad and to christian mum. She has to face many struggles in her life of personal struggle, to maintain the friendships, to be fit in her relatives who think she is not Muslim enough (though, she is not really religious herself) and practically, to be fit as a Muslim herself at school.

4. The frienships Lulu has with her friends wasn't really great as I thought. I mean, they do really close to each other but it seems like they are lack in terms of communication. It is like they were terrified to share things between them. It is like there's no trust in each other. Lulu still go to party with her friends though it is strictly no drinking whatsoever.

5. Oh not to forget, the cute boy who comes into the frame, I mean, into Lulu's life. What I like 'bout him is, he is very patient with Lulu's behaviour and try to make Lulu express her feelings and a very understanding person to Lulu. To me, Lulu's is lucky to get to know James.

In conclusion, it kind of wrecked my head after finish reading the book. Lulu's character is full of flaws, raw and real. She was trying her best to fit in as a Muslim also being not American enough. The friendship was kind of messed up because of lack of communication between them. The story itself was confused at first for me and it take quite sometime over few chapters to get to adjusted myself in the story. I like there's a Muslim representation in this even though no that much and not really into depth of what it is. It was a good story but it kind of messing my head.

Thumbs up to the writer for writing a real and raw and full of flaws of the Muslim MC which were rarely we get to see in fiction world.