Book Review: The Monster Who Wasn't by T.C. Shelley

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication Date: August 9th, 2019
Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy
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Source: Thank you to Pansing for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 3


A brilliantly rich and strange fantasy adventure that will make us all believe in monsters – be they good, bad or somewhere in between.

It is a well-known fact that fairies are born from a baby's first laugh. What is not as well documented is how monsters come into being …

This is the story of a creature who is both strange and unique. When he hatches down in the vast underground lair where monsters dwell, he looks just like a human boy – much to the disgust of everyone watching. Even the grumpy gargoyles who adopt him and nickname him 'Imp' only want him to steal chocolate for them from the nearby shops. He's a child with feet in both worlds, and he doesn't know where he fits.

But little does Imp realise that Thunderguts, king of the ogres, has a great and dangerous destiny in mind for him, and he'll stop at nothing to see it come to pass …

It feels good when your reading mood is really back to you again hence, the second book review this month. 

Anyway, I was intrigued by the story, the world-building, gargoyles. It was good - you know, half-human, half-monster? Ain't that something to look out, yes? 

To cut it short, it is about a monster who craves to be a human, to have a family and live happily with them. The concept of this story is quite interesting, a monster who is made of a half laugh and half sigh. But. It was confusing honestly. I'm not sure how to explain that well. The first half of the book is very intriguing to follow however another half of the book has got me confused and kind of annoyed though I didn't stop because I just want to know what happened at the end of his journey. 

Despite that, it did has a fantastic world-building, a good concept but I think it is me who did not connect with the story that much. It did intrigue at first but not so much to me towards the end. If you like a fantasy with a monster in the story, you should probably pick this book up. It might work with you more than I am. Anyhoo, I am thankful that I have been introduced to discover a different fantasy story. 

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Sha Mohamed said…
Wah.. cerita fantasi pasal raksasa.. menarik..