Review - The M Word by Brian Conaghan


Publisher: Bloomsbury YA
Publication Date: September 5th, 2019
Genre: YA Contemporary
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Source: Huge thanks to Pansing for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 3


Moya. The M Word. Whisper it. Conceal it. But please, never mention it...

Maggie Yates talks to her best friend Moya every day.

She tells her about Maggie's mum losing her job. She tells her that Mum's taken to not opening the curtains and crying in secret. And she tells her about how she plans to cheer Mum up - find her a fella with a bit of cash to splash.

Moya is with her every step of the way. You're surfing a rainbow if you think someone like that exists round here, she smiles. But I'll help.

But at the back of her mind Maggie knows that Mum's crying is more than sadness. That there are no easy fixes. And that Moya's not really there. Because though she talks to her every day, Moya died months ago ...

An unforgettable novel about grief and healing from Costa and Irish Book Award winner Brian Conaghan.


Before I start my review, TW- self-harm.

Let's just jump straight into my review. This book portrayed in a raw way. It tackles important issues of what is going on in Maggie's life - depression, lost a best friend, her mum losing her job. It was really hard to know what maggie has to go through in her daily life. 

I think the way the author writes the story that makes me lost and confused throughout the book. I kind of find it difficult to understand, honestly. Because suddenly the character jumps into this scene and into others and then back to it. It was hard but I managed to get through the story. I want to and I need to know how is Maggie doing. She was really a strong woman and she has amazing cool friends who supports her all the way. Despite that, The M Word was really a good story that carries a heavy topic; mental health, grieving, loss, family, and friendship. 

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