What Have I Been Doing?


It feels so good that I finally get to hold my laptop after being away from it for some time. I miss writing on my blog, sharing, blog walking, and all. Although I cannot promise I will update my blog post every day but I will try my best. So, hello everyone. How are you? I hope you all doing good and at the very best of health.

Ah looking at this new blogger update; it was amazing yet confusing a bit but kind of loving it too. Anyhow, let me share with you what have I been doing these past months during this PKP/PKPB. 

My sister borrow my laptop 
My sister has to borrow my laptop for her online classes, assignments, and whatnot. So, it is difficult for me to write a blog post. You know you have to wait for her to finish her classes and work and by the time, I want to use it my mood has gone done the hill and lazy to write anything. 

Playing games
I never playing PUBG before. Not even when my youngest sister plays in front of me every single day. However, she finally influenced and taught me how to play; I am now enjoy playing it. Even so, not to addicted to it and my rule is only to play with my two sisters, or if not, I will choose a solo option. 

Drama/Movie Marathon 
I have been watching a lot of Korean or Chinese also Philipines and Indonesia dramas and movies. Like a lot, a lot on Netflix. Have you watched Dilan 1990 & Dilan 1991? It was really good. I like it and now, I'm waiting for the next sequel which is Milea which will be available on Netflix this month! So, excited!

Since we are in PKP/PKPB, I and my family I have tried a lot of new recipes. Our most favorite food we have cooked is mee Kari. It was our first time making mee Kari and it has become our favourite. Have you tried new recipes? 

As you can see, I have been procrastinating most of the time. After doing a lot of activities at home, cook, house chores, play with our cats and clean them all; my energy drained. No mood to write my blog, not even reading. For me, that was bad. I was supposed to read a lot since we are now working from home and all yet I'm too lazy. Hence, no new book review last month. Also, I did buy books these past months but yeah. Therefore, I decided to a schedule to ensure I manage my time to read, doing house chores, play games, and write a blog post. I must! Hopefully, I'm able to achieve it. 

Anyways, looking at my own blog posts I realize I only update book reviews nothing personal from me like I used to do. I miss doing this kind of post. I think I need to balance it between writing a personal/lifestyle post and book review so it would be more fun. Is it the right word? Well, I hope so. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my new post today and I will see you in my next post. Stay safe and take care everybody. 💓

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sofieadie said…
saya pun dok main game sekarang sambil marathon movie dengan tv series. Tapi bukan gamae PUBG lah. hehehehe