The Austen Girls by Lucy Worsley

Publisher: Bloomsbury's Children Book
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2020
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction
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Source: Thank you Pansing for the review copy in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 3


Would she ever find a real-life husband? Would she even find a partner to dance with at tonight's ball? She just didn't know.

Anna Austen has always been told she must marry rich. Her future depends upon it. While her dear cousin Fanny has a little more choice, she too is under pressure to find a suitor.

But how can either girl know what she wants? Is finding love even an option? The only person who seems to have answers is their Aunt Jane. She has never married. In fact, she's perfectly happy, so surely being single can't be such a bad thing?

The time will come for each of the Austen girls to become the heroines of their own stories. Will they follow in Jane's footsteps?

In this witty, sparkling novel of choices, popular historian LUCY WORSLEY brings alive the delightful life of Jane Austen as you've never seen it before.

I might be rarely reading historical fiction but once in a while, I would like to dive into the historical story. Therefore, when I received the review copy of The Austen Girls it makes me excited. To be very honest with you, I have never read any novel written by Jane Austen but my mom did have read books by Jane Austen so it felt good to hear that so I can ask her anything about it. Despite I never read the book, I do have watch Pride and Prejudice and planning to watch Emma. 

The Austen Girls is actually a fun read in which this story we follow Aunt Jane's nieces. The two girls; Fanny and Anna where their age is doable to find the love of their life. Anna has been told to find a rich husband while Fanny is under pressure to find someone that suitable. The thing is it wasn't that easy. So, eventually, both of them will always be going back to Aunt Jane for advice. 

While this a historical fiction that I'm finding it fun to read but I couldn't avoid being a bit disappointed with how sometimes I feel disconnected from the characters, the pace was slow and I feel there are so many things in one story which put me in confuse a few times. However, I love the part where Fanny wants to investigate Mr. Drummer's case. That parts honestly bring the satisfaction to me. I love how Aunt Jane is there to help these two girls, giving them the advice whenever they needed and someone to look up. 

Overall, it was a good and fun read. It wasn't a bad story. It just me who feels that way. It could be the fact that I have never read any of Jane Austen's novel which gives the reason why I am not really able to fully enjoy the story. If you have read any of Jane Austen's novel or have watched most of the movies and/or enjoy reading historical fiction this book is definitely for you.