Taiping tales of Terror by Julya Oui

Publisher: Penguin Random House SEA
Publication Date: January 1st, 2020
Genre: Horror Fiction
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Source: Thank you Times Read for the review copy in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 10/5


The stories in this collection are works of personal gratification, nostalgia, and reverence. They serve as homage to the author’s hometown and her favorite horror writers. They take place in various timelines and are written as stories within stories ranging from a headless ghost that returns as a grim reaper, a bird-like creature on the loose, a were-tiger out to seek vengeance, a vampire that decimated an entire village and other restless paranormal entities that walk among us. 

THIS BOOK IS THE MOST FANTASTIC HORROR. EVER. PERIODT. No other words best describe how great, brilliant it has written. I enjoy it to the fullest! Love it. 

First and foremost, my father was born and live for a few years in Taiping. When I saw the title, I immediately show the book to him and he said that this is so cool. Told me to read them now and share with him the details of the story. Exciting!

I love the setting of the story where a group of friends; 12 figures; sat around camp-fire and taking their turn to share their storytelling on ghost stories. Who doesn't do this when they were kids? Am I right? I did and I still do it now. It was fun except not around camp-fire instead of around the dining table lah. In this book, there are 13 stories and boom! an unexpected thing happened that I wasn't prepared for. Nonetheless, that makes me love this book even more.

If you ask me, am I not afraid while reading the book? I do but rather than afraid, I was more excited and too sayang to finish it too soon. I love Julya Oui's writing. It was crafted beautifully. It started off with the person introduction of the story and then, the POV of the characters from the tales itself. oufff, I'm not sure how to really explain but I hope you get the picture with what I mean. Anyway, it does make my hair on neck and hands stand here and there throughout the story and some part it was a bit intense some part was so cruel. 

Overall, this is the best, wonderful, exciting horror read this year and it is a local Malaysian folklore horror story. I love it and very much enjoying it. Definitely going to read it next month again. You know, October? Get it? Anyway, Taiping tales of Terror by Julya Oui is available at all good bookstores. Very recommended.


atie zieya said…
i feel you , too sayang too finish it too soon... since its so good and we want to take it slow and enjoy
Fatin said…
This book had been in my TBR-list too! (Wait till I have extra money ehe). The setting kinda make me recalled to The Canterbury Tales.

Have you listened to her interview by Two Book Nerds Talking (TBNT-EP23) on Spotify? She is so cool!