Ghosts by Dolly Alderton


Ghosts by Dolly Alderton

Publisher: Penguin Fig Tree
Publication Date: October 15th, 2020
Genre: Fiction, Romance 
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Rating: 4.5


Nina Dean has arrived at her early thirties as a successful food writer with loving friends and family, plus a new home and neighbourhood. When she meets Max, a beguiling romantic hero who tells her on date one that he's going to marry her, it feels like all is going to plan.

A new relationship couldn't have come at a better time - her thirties have not been the liberating, uncomplicated experience she was sold. Everywhere she turns, she is reminded of time passing and opportunities dwindling. Friendships are fading, ex-boyfriends are moving on and, worse, everyone's moving to the suburbs. There's no solace to be found in her family, with a mum who's caught in a baffling mid-life makeover and a beloved dad who is vanishing in slow-motion into dementia.

Dolly Alderton's debut novel is funny and tender, filled with whip-smart observations about relationships, family, memory, and how we live now.

An honest, raw, and relatable which easily connected to the story and I dare to say I finish this book in one day. That's to show how wonderful this book is.

Ghosts is a story that capture around our life from love, friendships, family and basically, it is quite relatable to myself as I'm approaching 30 soon. I'm intrigued right from the first pages and it makes goes on and on. Nina is the MC of the story. She is awakwardly amazing, funny, a success young woman with a great job, she own a house and she has a bunch of lovely friends except she is not yet married nor dating. With advice from her close friends, she decided to sign up a dating online app and she found one guy named Max.

As wonderful as it sounds, this story unfold the reality that somehow it does happened in our life. Have you ever been ghosted by someone who you thought would be the one that will spend together for the rest of your life? Honestly, it happened to myself which I hate to admit but when one doesn't makes any effort and suddenly disappeared without giving any notice - that hurts. So, this story kinda relatable to me. It feels like I can feel how hurt it was when Max ghosted Nina and she waiting for him to text her back but nothing came. 

Besides Max, Dolly display on how Nina's parents been going through. Nina's mother is struggling with her husband who has a dementia which I know it wasn't easy and she in needs of everyone support for that especially from Nina. 

Honestly, there are so many things I love from the story and it feel seriously real to me and quite relatable to myself. I'm approaching 30 soon, date no one right now but it is fine to me because I know my family are always there for me and I'm very much grateful. 

Overall, Dolly Alderton has written unbeliveable story, funny, raw and relatable in every aspect of our life. This one is highly recommended for you to read.

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