Gain New Experience Through Traveling


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Travel the world has been one of my (including you) many dream wish. To visit as many countries as we can. One of the best reason of why we need to travel is that we need a good relaxation away from our hustle bustle of our daily life and works. It will help our life improves from those stress, pressure that we have to cope with. Do you know that through the journey of traveling we can gain many great benefit? Yes, we do and one of it will be a good exposure to us to learn and to experience many new things from the countries we visit.

Traveling is really an enjoyable that one will find through the journey of it. No matter how long or short your stay is; the importance is that you able to get you mind free from your hectic lifestyle. Whenever we travel to a new country, we will enhance our self-development where we need to step out from of our comfort zone where you will need to be independent and to confident so that we will be able to adapt with the new place to communicate with the local people. Through traveling we will be able to discover our strength, weaknesses, adaptability, and our perspective of lives. More than that, you never know what will you discover from yourself of what is your capabilities when you traveling.

The best part of traveling is that we will can discover new cuisines. From every country we visit they have their own cuisines that is different from us. You know how food give us gazillion happiness, right? To try out new food is one of the best experience.  Who knows their cuisine will be one of the reason you want to travel to the country again?

Travel allows us to learn and to experience new things. Be it their language, beliefs, culture, diversity, geography, and so many others where every country has their uniqueness for us to discover. It is really a good exposure and a priceless one where we can experience from it. It can be an eye opener for us to appreciate different cultures and beliefs.

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Making new friends is really a wonderful thing. Through traveling you can make new friends, build a friendships and a new network. Establishing new friends from every country you visit will help you a lot especially when you go for solo traveling. They will be the one who helps you to show you places to visit, explain their cultures, explore together their cuisines and so many more.

Traveling is an essential thing where not only we could gain new experience, learning new thing but it is also helps to improve our mental health too. Even how busy you are doing make a time for yourself by going for traveling either somewhere nearby or when the pandemic is over you can plan for overseas traveling. Anyhow, either you go for a long vacation or a short staycation you always need to do a research of which hotel you can stay. So, when the pandemic is over we all allow to travel out of the country let’s go somewhere near to us which let’s go for staycation at Singapore at Raffles Hotel or you can find any other hotel in Singapore. I heard there a lot of amazing places to visit in Singapore. Let’s pray this pandemic will be over!


Rasya said…
I wish the pandemic could end soon T_T
Traveling through books is great but it doesn't feel the same.
I couldn’t agreed more. I really wish the pandemic end soon so we all can travel the world again 😭