I (Almost) Forgot How To Blog ft Blog Refreshment


I (almost) forgot how to blog

Hello. I have no idea how am I supposed to do this. It is really kind of way too long when I'm sitting in front of my laptop and actually do a blogging. Yes, I do update my blog once in a while but that was only a post of my book review. So, that's not count, right?

Okay, I'm trying my best here to be comfortable to write again on my blog beside posting my book review. I miss doing this so let's do this. I mean doing it without fail. Insha Allah 😊

Anyway, as you can see I actually decided to do a make over for my blog. Thank you to Alien Oren for the blog refreshment; customize blog colours, a cute custom chibi, blog header and new favicon. I am absolutely in love with the new look and so excited to actually write here again. Seriously, I can't get enough of it. 😍

new blog theme

There you go, my new blog. So, if you want to do a make over for your blog, you can head on to Alien Oren she already did her soft-launching for AO Design. All in all, I am so satisfied with her services. ✨

I guess that is all for now. I shall get back to my read as I have a huge pile books I need to read an review and I'm all happy doing to. In the meantime, stay safe and take care, everyone 💕

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alienoren said…
Thank you fatina for this honest review. Glad you satisfied with it!

Talk about reading I haven't finish any book this year...urgh...all my books are stranded at the place I didn't know when I can go back...really really really hope we can across the border soon....

Stay safe too!