The Forevers by Chris Whitaker || Book Review

The Forevers by Chris Whitaker

Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication Date: July 8th, 2021
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Dystopian
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Source: Huge thanks to Pansing for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 2.5


30 days until the end of the world

Asteroid Selena will be crashing into Earth

Am I having problem with a dystopian genre or what? I'm honestly annoyed with myself. Anyways, let's get back to my thoughts.

The Forevers is set on pre apocalyspe which the world has known for 10 years that asteroid Selena will be crashing into the earth. The story takes place with Mae, Felix and Abi on how they spend their remaining days (30 days) together before end of the day. There are many attempts on trying to destroy the asteroid but none of it work. 

The plot is honestly interesting to begin with. Each of these people react differently towards end of the world. I was I'm not sure how to say. It creeps me a little while reading the book. Despite that, I felt I couldn't fully immersed with story and the characters are funny but most of the times, were not really connected with me. I got confused lots of times. I wish I can like the story more but it kinda falls flat on me. All in all, it doesn't work well with myself but that's only me. It might work better with you.

The Forevers by Chris Whitaker will be available at all good bookstores on July 8th, 2021.