The Midnight Children #1: A Vanishing by Tunku Halim || Book Review


The Midnight Children #1: A Vanishing by Tunku Halim

Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication Date: March 15th, 2021
Genre: Middle Grade, Horror
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Rating: 4.75


Dare you spin the bone? Can you hear it rattling in its metal box?

Spooky things keep happening to Zak and Min after their father mysteriously disappears one day at breakfast. Min encounters spider-like creatures and a doll that sprints and steals. Zak is chased in a mall by a strange man who runs on all fours and vicious snakes trap him in his bedroom.

And who is that old smelly man who gives them the box with the finger bone inside?

Be warned ... for much scarier oil-dripping things await them in this spine-tingling book.

Don’t you dare scream!

I have read Tunku Halim's Horror Stories and I enjoy it so so much. Without a doubt, I am so excited to see there are new books by Tunku Halim and what even more is it is middle grade. You know, I do enjoy reading middle grade.

A Vanishing is a story about Zak and Min experience horror things starting from the disappearance of their father, a strange man chasing Zak at mall, a spider creatures crawling in Min's room, a snake crawl towards Zak wherever he is and an old man giving a piece information about their father and something he gives to them.

I, honestly enjoy reading throughout the story. I couldn't sit still while reading the book feel like I'm the one who getting chase by the strange man and makes so scared when the snake show up. Oh my goodness! I felt want to shout to Zak like Zak need to run away far from that snake. 

A fast paced, engaging, and unputdownable horror story. I can't recommended to you enough. Both kids and adult would enjoy this book so much. A well-written and great read. Truly enjoy it.