The Midnight Children #2: Cemetery House || Book Review


The Midnight Children #2: Cemetery House

Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication Date: March 15th, 2021
Genre: Middle Grade, Horror
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Rating: 4


Dare you turn the page of the old spooky book? Will you write in it?
Min is forced to move into the old and haunted Cemetery House where a ghost-boy awaits her in the library. Zak is chased by terrible creatures that drip oil and he can’t get home.
This is only the start of the many uncanny events that will happen to them, including having to dig a body out of a grave in the shadowy darkness and a close encounter with a vampire!
Be warned ... this hair-raising book is not for the faint-hearted!
Don’t you dare scream!


Zak and Min's journey is continue in this second trilogy. Zak has gone missing while Min and their mom move to Uncle Obb's big house. The house is so strange and Min's bedroom view is an old cemetery hence the house is call as a Cemetery House. Min does not like the house at all and she is worried about Zak disappearance. Zak has been pulled into the Moonlight Place where he been chased by the oil creatures and he is trying to find way to get back home.

As much as I enjoy the first one, this is a bit neutral nothing major happened here but the excitement is still there. It just that not so much adventure in here and I wish there is more story of the ghost kid and the book that brought back Zak to the Cemetery House. But I do wish there will be a story of the missing pages in the finale book. 

Anyway, Cemetery House is still an enjoyable continuation story from the first trilogy. I do enjoy the slow pace in here although I do hope they will meet or save their father in this one but I guess that will happen in the finale trilogy.