How To Save The World With A Chicken and An Egg by Emma Shevah || Review


How To Save The World With A Chicken and An Egg by Emma Shevah

How To Save The World with A Chicken and An Egg by Emma Shevah
Publisher: Chicken House Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2021
Genre: Middle Grade, Fiction
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Rating: 4.75


This story isn't just about birds. It's about secrets, the seaside, how seagulls can trick worms into thinking it's raining.

It's about mucus, fudge and dogs needing a wide variety of sniffs.

But if you want the simple version, it's about what happened here last summer. How a girl called Ivy and a boy called Nathaniel solved a mystery and saved the world's animals: one at a time ...

A brand new topical and heartfelt middle grade adventure from the critically acclaimed writer of Dream on, Amber and Dara Palmer's Major Drama.


If you watch Dr. Dolittle movie you might going to love this one. A girl name Ivy live with her foster parents and she can communicate with animal, I mean any animals. She has the ability that nobody knew existed which they taught it is only lies when it was not. Nobody understand. Ivy really wants to help and saved every animal as she can. She is very inspiring!

While Nathaniel, the boy who came to the town to spend his summer holiday with his biological mother. His is very knowledgeable on many facts. Be it about environment and animals. In fact, I am enjoy all the facts he given. It's amazing.

It is told in two POVs which very easy to get through the story. I love both Ivy and Nathaniel. I am so admiring their enthusiasm on helping to save the animals and ensure protecting the environment as well. It's awe-inspiring, honestly speaking. Ivy and Nathaniel's character is raw and innocently determined in doing their very best to save the world.

This is undeniably a wonderful that left me nothing but inspiring looking how passionate they are. I wish I can be like Ivy in communicating with animals especially my cats. I enjoy talking with my cats everyday to some they find weird but to cat and animal lovers that really make us happy even though I do wish I understand what my cats said to me. I'm definitely recommend this to you.