The Smidgens by David O'Connell || Review


The Smidgens by David O'Connell

The Smidgens by David O'Connell
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication Date: April 2021
Genre: Middle Grade
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Rating: 4.5


Gafferty Sprout is a Smidgen. A Smidgen looks like a human, sounds like a human, and loves chips with curry sauce like a human – if humans were three inches tall. If you took a human and shrunk it in the washing machine on a very hot spin cycle, you might get something like a Smidgen. Generations ago there were lots of them, living in a maze of tunnels beneath the human village of Dundoodle. But then something happened and they just … disappeared. Now Gafferty, her parents and her little brothers Gobkin and Grub are the only ones left, and the tunnels are forbidden territory.

And then Gafferty finds an old map. A map that shows a place deep within the maze where Smidgen tribes can go to meet. Smidgen tribes! Gafferty knows that she has to try to find them. But the tunnels are dangerous. And soon Gafferty discovers she's not the only one looking for the lost tribes, and that three inches of Smidgen hold more power than she ever imagined.

The first book in a funny, magical adventures series for 7+ readers who love Terry Pratchett, Max and the Millions and The Borrowers.


A teeny tiny cute little person called the smidgens who look like a human, speak like a human, behave like a human and they love curry! There are many of them however something happened that makes other smidgens' generation gone and disappeared which only left Gafferty's family who still lives. Gafferty is so curious about what had happened to other Smidgens and curious for is out there in the world. Thus, Gafferty decided to learn all the skills of the human world so that she can be survived and be prepared for whatever circumstances occur during her adventure.

This is a short reading but a really enjoyable one. It flows really well into the smidgens world where we just can't stop ourselves from continuing our reads. It is really fascinating actually to view the world from tiny humans. It felt so incredible especially when they get to enjoy in the toy store with the illustration that makes me us goes wow and feel like we part of the adventure.  So exciting to be in that place! While this fun adventure should add some salty appearances, isn't it? The villain is so annoying and evil-minded. But that what makes it even more amusing.

I'm amazed by the beautiful illustration around the book which I think it will make the children excited to read the book even more. It really captures our eyes while reading the book. You know it really our imagination of the smidgens. Of course, there are loopholes in the story which I hope there will be in the next series because we need to know more of the story, more of the characters. Overall, very much an enjoyable read, and I can't help myself but recommend you to read this cute, captivating story.