Currently Reading With Fatina | Two Mystery, Thriller and One Contemporary Books

currently reading

After long thoughts and plan, I decided to do a new section in my blog just so to spice up my content and to make me, myself to keep on publish good content on the blog. It may seems something most people do on their social media account which I did too only when I felt to do so (I mean my update on social media). 

This could be daily or weekly which it all depends on how fast and slow I read. Either way, I will update it my blog so you could share your thoughts about it in the comment section below about the book(s). Because I am curious to know too. 

Honestly speaking, I used to read the blurbs first before jump into the book but nowadays I like to surprise myself. That feels amazing. Yep! No lies.

Without further ado, let's jump into today new read that I just started last night.


Mesej by Anna Lee

I'm already at the page 148. Pada permulaan penceritaan ini bermula, I keliru. Adakah mereka berada didalam negara yang sama atau tidak? Kalau tidak bagaimana mereka boleh berkomunikasi disebalik dinding walhal mereka boleh sahaja berjumpa di luar pintu rumah? Tapi tidak. Jujur kata rasa seram mulanya ya.

Ini sebenarnya membuatkan kita sebagai pembaca perasaan ingin tahu tu melonjak tinggi. Tak boleh lah nak spoil habis kan sebab I belum habis baca lagi. Tunggu reviu I bila dah habis baca kelak.

Korang dah baca karya dari Anna Lee ni? Ini adalah buku keempat karya Anna Lee yang saya baca. Menarik tau penulisan Anna Lee. Tapi akan ku tinjau jugak karya lain dibawah penerbit Prolog media ini juga nanti.

True Story by Kate Reed Petty

I'm currently at the page 52. I have no words for now because I don't really understand the whole situation yet. I need to continue my read so yes, probably will share my thought on my review soon.

Like A Love Song by Gabriela Martins

I'm already 30% into this story and I love it! Fake dating? I'm on it. Couldn't wait how these two lovely birds make it through together. Will they succeed? Will they fall in love for real? I am so can't wait to know.

What is your currently reading right now?