Did I Lost My Touch On Blogging?


credit: unsplash

I am at the time of losing my touch with writing on my blog. I mean if you are here on blog, you may see that I do still updating my blog but it is all only on sharing my book review. None of any post of me writing something that is me, sharing something that will attract people to engage with me through my blog.

I keep on asking myself "have I lost my touch on blogging?" or "am I on blogging slump?" The answer; it is certainly I am on blogging slump and I do lost my touch on blogging. I hate to admit that. :/

I think it has been years since I share something valuable something cool something amazing which makes you stay here and talk to me. I'm devastated with how it has been with myself for not doing anything with my blog. 

I miss writing, I miss my blog and I miss people who visit my blog and leave a comment. I mean I have abundance of ideas to write here on the blog but it only stays an idea and have yet to become an article. 

So, what I want to do right now, right here, right at this moment is TO START MY BLOGGING JOURNEY again. To restart. I promise myself to share every single idea that appear in my mind. I mean it is time. 

I'm 30 this year and it is best time to restart again. Its never too late, am I right? 

I want to have fun in sharing my content with you, to build my blog again. That's my goal for the second half of the year. Let's do this!


How you motivate yourself to write again?