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Rules for Vampires by Alex Foulkes

Rules for Vampires by Alex Foulkes
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: September 2021
Genre: Middle Grade
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Source: Thank you Pansing for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 4.75


The Nevermoor series meets Hotel Transylvania in this dazzling debut middle grade adventure set in a world of talking spiders, living forests, and haunted castles about a vampire girl who wants to fit in but first must defeat an evil ghost.

After one hundred years of being a vampire, it’s time for Eleonora to have her Birthnight. Since Leo’s last rite of passage, her Grimwalk, ended with her losing her right leg and a good deal of her confidence, she’s hoping to redeem herself in the eyes of her mother, the fearsome Lady Sieglinde. All Leo has to do is hunt down and kill her first prey, and she already has the perfect plan. After all, who will miss an orphan from the bleak St. Frieda’s Home for Unwanted Children?

But an accidental fire causes more death and destruction than Leo bargained for. Instead of killing one carefully selected victim, she’s created several ghosts from the orphanage residents. And one sinister specter, the Orphanmaster, is poised to terrorize the living residents in a nearby town. To stop him and try to undo some of the mess she’s made, Leo must team up with the orphan ghost Minna.

Will Leo have the chance to prove herself as a vampire before her Birthnight is over, or will she discover that there are no winners in the battle of undead versus undead?


Can I say this first? I mean look at that cover! How stunning it is. I rarely mention about this but this one really capture my eyes. Love the color combination. It really attracts me to want to read the book as soon as I can. I mean it works with me. 

Apart from the cover, the story is as ravishing as the cover it is. I mean the Rules for Vampires is to lure human, right? But Eleonora make a huge mistake which she has awaken a sinister ghost and now along with her friend, Minna who supposedly to be her victim except she accidentally make Minna become a ghost; died because something unexpectedly happened. Now, both of them need to find ways to rectify the problem with the sinister ghost.

Rules for Vampires is a hilarious middle grade book that I can't stop smiling, laughing along my read. I love the friendship, the bickering between Eleonora and Minna. They may bicker here and there around the book but they make the best team together. Can you believe a battle between Vampire and Ghost? Who will win? Will Eleonora able to prove her mother she can be a vampire?

I love every illustration in this book. It makes it even more fun to read. I enjoy every minute I read Rules for Vampires. I love the writing which very easy to follow through. I wonder would there be a continuation for this story because I'm so looking forward to the next adventure of Eleonora and Minna.


Ray said…
Coming back to your blog always sparks the light in me to cont reading finish my last book. I'm not sure when was the last time I read. haha
Oh Ray! I'm happy that my blog sparks your heart to continue reading and hopefully you will be find one book that going to make you read again soon! :)
bynadiajamhari said…
Hi, Saya bukan kaki baca buku. But reading your post and I saw word "Hotel Transylvania", Make me remember the cartoon hotel transylvania
Hi! True the cartoon is so amazing and so enjoyable to watch :)