Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena | Book Review

Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena

 Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena
Publisher: Bantam Press
Publication Date: August 5th, 2021
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
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Source: Huge thanks to Times Read for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 5


Every family has its secrets.

Fred and Sheila Mercer have worked hard their whole lives. And it's paid off. They have a beautiful house in the dream neighbourhood and their three adult children have always had everything they could have wished for. The family has had it good.

But now, after a family dinner, the Mercers are dead. Murdered. Their children are devastated, aren't they? Even as they are set to inherit millions. Surely a stranger is responsible and not one of them . . .

This family's secrets are deadly.


Behind a perfect, serene household; there's a deadly secret that no one knows.

Not A Happy Family is a mystery/thriller that has blown me away. It is really an amazing thriller I have ever read so far. To find whodunnit is not that easy in here. I have been guessing a lot throughout my read. Try to calculate all the motives, suspects and yet it was quite hard I must say to find whodunnit. Every people from the siblings to their aunts to their helper to the ex-staff - they all have a huge motive in doing it. But who is the one who actually did it? We are talking about inheriting over millions - they will be rich in no time. 

I must praise Shari Lapena for her fantastic writing! I really really love the plot structures! It was really a smooth reading but intense and really kept me guessing. As far as I'm able to recall, this is by far has the best writing structures for a mystery/thriller book. It has made me hooked right I step into the very first page and I couldn't put this book down however I have to put it down for a bit of time for my daily life things to do yet I manage to read this book in 3 days. The pace is great and very twisty! I enjoy every bit of this book in capturing whodunnit. 

I think I should find another written by the author. Not A Happy Family is a well-crafted story, the tense on whodunnit, the twist, and turns, the shocking revelations - all in all, it is such a phenomenal thriller! I have no complaints. If you enjoy reading thriller, you might want to read this one. This is highly recommended.