September Monthly Wrap Up - Books

September Monthly Wrap Up

Hello lovely!

Wow! Time really flew away and boom its October 2021! and what we have been this past month was stay at home due to the pandemic. Hopefully everything will be better soon so we can pack our bag and travel wherever destination you have choose to be at. I can't wait for that. 

Anyway, I'm going to share my monthly wrap up again! Yay! I don't really remember when was the last time I did and I should probably start doing it now again. This a fun post to do every single month, honestly. Sharing with you what books I have read always been a wonderful one. Who knows you might interested to read the book I share. Hopefully, I did a great job in writing the review. :)

In the month of September 2021, I managed to read 9 books. I have forgot to include one more book in the above photo. Pardon my careless. 

So, out of 9 books my most favourite in the month of September is a book written by Holly Jackson with a title Good Girl, Bad Blood. That one is the best YA thriller, mystery that I have read. Yes, I know I haven't write my review yet but rest assured it is on the way. I apologize for that.

My short of my review for the books I have read in September:

I love Eight Perfect Hours as it is not centered only on romance but it is so much more. It is about finding yourself which really warms me up and has given me a lot of things to think about myself. Love the characters and the story. I enjoy a slow burn, comforting story. Hence, I recommended this book for you to read. 

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The narration is told in the third perspective and I love that this book is based on a true story but at the same time, I was afraid of how am I supposed to pour my thought on this. Because we are talking about a real-life event. The longing emotion, the mutual love, the loss, lack of communication, and thinking about it takes years for them to meet again is just - hard, is that the right word? Satoshi Makino is a classical guitarist who is on tour around the world where he first time met Yoko Komine, the journalist and they bonded instantly.

It is an intense thriller novel I have read for this year and quite disturbing. The fact that Slaughter keeps me guessing on and on which makes me sit tight to know what will happen next. It is really a page-turner. I knew many people mentioned this in their review which I agreed to it on mentioning Covid when I want to forget about it for a while. So, it is quite annoying, to be honest.&nbsp

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Rules for Vampires is a hilarious middle grade book that I can't stop smiling, laughing along my read. I love the friendship, the bickering between Eleonora and Minna. They may bicker here and there around the book but they make the best team together. Can you believe a battle between Vampire and Ghost? Who will win? Will Eleonora able to prove her mother she can be a vampire?

Magical fantasy always been my favourite novel that I'm looking forward to read and The Raven Heir is absolutely magically wonderful. I enjoy the whole story especially on the first half that make me curious to why they were hide away from other people. Why can't they go out and meet anyone? The triplets are quite humorous especially Giles. Giles is a cute character, I must say. I love all the characters so I can't say which is which is my favourite because each of them has a unique character and personality.

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Kinda that's all books I have reviewed which I'd share on my blog and Instagram. Do feel free to read my review and leave some comments on how you feel about the book. I would love to have a conversation/discussion for those books with you.

Now we are in October I dua and wish nothing but only great things with you. May October bring us more joy, happiness and rezeki with us. I shall meet you in my other post soon. xx

How many book(s) have you read in September?