The Hunter's Walk by Nabeel Ismeer | Book Review


The Hunter's Walk by Nabeel Ismeer

The Hunter's Walk by Nabeel Ismeer
Publisher: Penguin Book SEA
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Genre: YA Fiction
Source: Thank you Times Read for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 3


Generations of prolonged drought and hunger have allowed the harsher voices of the Zarda tribe to set edicts of discrimination against their fair skin members.

Ghar, a dark skin cave painter and Dun, his fair skin brother, push back on this discrimination to ensure that Dun and the fair skins can take part in the Hunter’s Walk, a Zardan rite of passage.

When a fair skin is caught defying the ban on hunting, the fair skins are expelled from the tribe. Ghar has trouble coming to terms with the expulsion, and eventually he himself is cast out. After a giant wolf attack leaves him close to death, he is saved by Mai, a healer from the Khamma tribe.

A new unseen kind of storm hits the Khamma. Ghar and Mai try to prepare their tribe for the new challenges the storm brings, but the same forces that mislead the Zarda now grow in the Khamma.

Can Ghar and Mai push back on tribalism and exclusion by being inclusive and willing to take on ‘foreign’ ideas? Will Ghar ever meet Dun and the fair skins again? Will they ever complete the Hunter’s Walk?


The Hunter's Walk is a story that carry quite heavy theme on discrimination, colorism, climate change and racism which is something that I look forward to read more about this. I mean we are where it is still happening, right? You know unfairly treated by the skin color, treated woman poorly, and the climate change. 

I am heavily invested with reading the book. Despite I am interested in reading, I felt there are few times I was slip out from the story. I have to turn back few pages to know where I am. I mean the themes are interesting but I couldn't go deep with it. I like the plot and the setting but I have to admit I couldn’t remember some of the characters’ name and I have to go back few pages to know which is which. 

Honestly,  it took me more than a week to finish the book. As much as I like the book but I felt that I may not right person to share my view on this book. It is an okay read for me. May be it work better with you more than I do.