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Tremendous Things by Susin Nielsen

Tremendous Things by Susin Nielsen
Publisher: Andersen Press
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2021
Genre: YA Contemporary
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Source: Thank you Pansing for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 4


From Governor General's Literary Award--winning author Susin Nielsen comes a funny and heartfelt story about learning how to rise above your most embarrassing moment with humor, best friends and a killer triangle solo.

We all have moments that define us. For the comically clueless Wilbur, his moment happened on the first day of middle school, when someone shared his private letter with the entire student body. It revealed some of Wilbur's innermost embarrassing thoughts that no one else should ever know.

Now it's the start of ninth grade and Wilbur hasn't been able to escape that major humiliation. His good friend Alex stuck by him, but Alex doesn't have as much time since he started dating Fabrizio. Luckily, Wil can confide in his best
friend: his elderly neighbor Sal. Also, Wil's in the school band, where he plays the triangle. They're doing an exchange program with students from Paris, and Wilbur's billet, Charlie, a tall, chic young woman who plays the ukulele and burps with abandon, captures his heart. Charlie likes him, but only as a friend. So Alex, Fabrizio and Sal host a Queer Eye-style intervention to get Wil in shape and to build his confidence so he can impress Charlie when their band visits Paris, and just maybe replace humiliation with true romance in the City of Love.


Wahhh...Tremendous Things is a heartwarming story and my emotion is in a rollercoaster ride. I really didn't expect anything from this book. It makes me laugh, smile like a dork, cry - I mean what is this? How can one book do this to me! Tremendous Things tackles a lot from self-confidence, life, reality, friendship, love, bullying - which a lot that some I felt so relatable to myself.

I love the quote on the book cover that says

 "Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is you." 

Goodness, that word hits me hard. 

All in all, this is a sweet, funny, and heartwarming story that I know will stay in mind. I love all characters in this book and I did wish I have a friend like them. That makes me a little bit jealous. I enjoy my sweet time reading this book. I think I will keep on coming back to this book whenever I need it. Sometimes fewer words are better. Tremendous Things is a comfort read for me. I really do recommend to you to read this book.