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Gilded by Marissa Meyer

Gilded by Marissa Meyer
Publisher: Faber
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2021
Genre:  YA, Retellings
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Rating: 3.5



When it said that this is a reimagining of thoughts go " Oh, no! What is Rumpelstiltskin? What is the story? Why I have no idea about that." So yeah, I google it first before diving into the story. Fortunately, I kind of get what it is about.  Phew.

Lying is evil.
Lying is the work of demons.
My stories are lies, therefore I am a liar.

Anyway, the starts off with the god of lies putting a curse on miller's daughter; Serilda. Serilda has a talent for spinning stories and she is a good storyteller and many children in her village love hearing her spinning story tales. But is her stories are true or just lies. One day, her talent has been discovered by the sinister Erlking. All she knows is she is at a place where it is full of ghouls, monsters, and ghosts. She has a task to complete in order for her to return home. 

I think I am too enchanted by the story, the characters, and the worldbuilding. The worldbuilding is really awed me the whole time. I think it is because it has been a while since I last read a fantasy book. It makes me excited to be in a fantasy story. There are times I got confused with the story plot. 

It is a captivating story with interesting characters, a fast-paced and unputdownable story. This is my first time reading a book written by Marissa Meyer. I like her writing! I love the details of the worldbuilding with all ghouls and all the creatures. However, I felt that the romance was too sudden so it kinda feels not developed well enough. Overall, it is an enjoyable story that has enchanted me. I truly hope that this is standalone but my hope was wrong. Let's wait for the next installation! By the way, I love the finished copy cover. It is so stunning!

Thank you Times Read for the ARC in return for an honest review.