Life Update


It's almost 3 months since I last post anything here. It's really hard to actually writing here. Looking at my own blog URL will makes cry again and again. No, I won't shut down my URL nor do anything with it. I will cherish this URL forever. It was a name given by my father. Sometimes it is hard to believe he is not here with us anymore. Only dua for my father every single day. It's been almost 2 months.

It's the first ramadan, raya without him. One that we always looking for to, now, I'm not sure anymore. Having said that, we are trying to be strong for each other every day. It's tough.  I miss him every single day. 

I remember he told us that life has to go on. Make a dua for him everyday. Be good, be tough, and take care of each other. Half of my heart is not here with me anymore, honestly but I'm trying to do as much work as I can and be there for my mom and my siblings. Insha Allah.

I will try to update anything at least here on my blog so there will be something I'm looking forward to do beside reading and my work.

Anyway, let's make the best for our ramadan. Insha Allah ♡