Survive The Night by Riley Sager | Book Review


Book Review

Survive The Night by Riley Sager
Publisher: Hodder
Publication Date: December 23rd, 2021
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
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Source: Thank you Pansing for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 2.5


Charlie Jordan is being driven across the country by a serial killer. Maybe.

Behind the wheel is Josh Baxter, a stranger Charlie met by the college ride share board, who also has a good reason for leaving university in the middle of term. On the road they share their stories, carefully avoiding the subject dominating the news - the Campus Killer, who's tied up and stabbed three students in the span of a year, has just struck again.

Travelling the lengthy journey between university and their final destination, Charlie begins to notice discrepancies in Josh's story.

As she begins to plan her escape from the man she is becoming certain is the killer, she starts to suspect that Josh knows exactly what she's thinking.

Meaning that she could very well end up as his next victim.

A game of cat and mouse is about to play out. In order to win, Charlie must do only one thing . . . survive the night.


The story sets in the 1990s. The event takes place after Charlie's roommate was brutally murdered by the "campus killer". No one knows whodunnit. After that happened, Charlie feels very upset and decided she needs to go back to her hometown hence taking a college ride with a stranger. Little did she know, things taking a wild turn from there.

The story makes me guess a lot. I have no idea whodunnit. Just so you know, this story takes place in a car ride like half of it. I could honestly feel the awkward atmosphere in the car ride but I guess the mind games took that out of it. However, you could feel tension heat while they talk. 

During the car ride, Charlie finally realizes Josh's identity and decides to call her boyfriend, Robbie. That is the huge reason that makes me stay with the book to know what will happen next. Having said that, I, am honestly certain that Josh is the campus killer. It put me on edge thinking Charlie is in the car with him.

Besides that, I just couldn't connect with Charlie and at certain times, I'm annoyed with her. The first half of the book is really a tough one for me to get through it but the paced pick up after that makes me stay. Love the plot twist! I don't see that coming honestly. 

Overall, I'm a fan of thriller books so this kinda is a hit or miss for me. I mean it is a good thriller but not a favourite one. I'm having a hard time staying with the story as the first half is kinda slow for me actually. Don't get discouraged by what I said, do give it a try. Who knows you might like it better than I do.