The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling | Book Review

The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: December 7th, 2021
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Source: Thank you Pansing for the review copy in return for an honest review
Rating: 3⭐


Death drew them together. Life could tear them apart.

Elise is cursed. Every time she touches someone, she experiences how they will die. And when she predicts, but is unable to prevent, her brother's death, Elise is desperate to escape her terrible gift.

Then she meets Claire, a vampire tasked with helping Elise master her rare powers - and recruiting her to the Veil, a secret organisation determined to protect the paranormal world at all cost.

At first, Elise is reluctant to work with a vampire, but when she predicts a teacher's imminent murder, she's determined to stop the violent death.

As Elise and Claire grow closer, Elise begins to wonder - can she really trust someone tasked with securing her loyalty? Someone who could so easily kill her? Someone who might hold the key to unravelling her brother's mysterious death?


The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling is a story about a vampire. To be clear, I am definitely looking forward to reading this book as it is set in a vampire universe with a human in it. Elise, the human, possesses a unique talent that allows her to know how a person will die through touch. That was a scary gift, honestly. Then we have Claire, who is a vampire who has a big task of recruiting Elsie to be in the secret organisation.

I was excited by the premise of the story. It looks very promising to me. However, as soon as I went too deep into the story, I found that I started to lose interest. I'm not sure why, but I felt the two main characters were awkward and kind of cringe to my liking. It saddens me a little bit, as I'm excited to dive in. That being said, I did take a break before continuing my reading. So I could finish reading the book without stopping in the middle. In which case, it was a good decision as I can continue my reading without having the pressure of having to finish the book. Though, I have to be honest, I didn't feel anything. It's just a neutral emotion towards the story. I do not dislike or like it.

The plot somehow makes me feel there's something isn't really connected. It is like there's a hole in the scene. The ending felt a bit rushed and left too many unanswered questions. I think one of the reasons why I only managed to give 3 stars was because I might have had high expectations at the beginning of the book. It wasn't that bad, but it was okay-okay.