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The No-Show by Beth O'Leary

The No-Show by Beth O'Leary
Publisher: Quercus Books
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Genre: Romance, Chick Lit
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Source: Pansing
Rating: 4.5⭐
Three women. Three dates. One missing man...

8.52. Siobhan's been looking forward to her breakfast date with Joseph. She was surprised when he suggested it - she normally sees him late at night in her hotel room. Breakfast with Joseph on Valentine's Day surely means something ... so where is he?

14.43. Miranda's hoping that a Valentine's Day lunch with Carter will be the perfect way to celebrate her new job. It's a fresh start and a sign that her grown-up life is finally falling into place: she's been dating Carter for five months now and things are getting serious. But why hasn't he shown up?

18.30. Joseph Carter agreed to be Jane's fake boyfriend at a colleague's engagement party. They've not known each other long but their friendship is fast becoming the brightest part of her new life in Winchester. Joseph promised to save Jane tonight. But he's not here...

Meet Joseph Carter. That is, if you can find him.

The No-Show is the brilliantly funny, heart-breaking and joyful new novel from Beth O'Leary about dating, and waiting, and the ways love can find us. An utterly extraordinary tearjerker of a book, this is O'Leary's most ambitious novel yet.


Oh wow. I'm still trying to process the story. I thought there would be some sort of revenge, but in a funny way. You know, I was expecting that kind of story line. No, it wasn't. I'm taking my own sweet time to inhale every word in this book to understand it better as to not get myself confused. This is undeniably a wonderful story. I'm having a good time reading the book. Chuckle a bit here and there.

The story begins with three women: Siobhan, Miranda, and Jane, being stood up on Valentine's Day by the same man. How so? Of course, if it happened to us, we would be angry, frustrated, disappointed and just want to lash out our feelings about what had happened to us. Don't we? Why would the guy stand them up? What's his reason? I can't help myself to hate the guy because he did that when he could at least give a call or a text if he couldn't show up on that day so that they wouldn't have to wait, but he didn't. The fact that he shows up in front of the woman trying to justify his action is making me mad! He did manage to give a convincing reason to these women. I can't hate Joseph for that long when you know the backstory of it. Every woman in this book has a way of deciding how to react in that situation. I don't want to get into details because, uh-uh, that would spoil the whole story. Don't worry because the story has an alternate point of view, so you will get the story from each of them. Although, there were times I was confused too.

However, the point is, The No-Show is not your usual romance story, and no, this is not a mystery either, but dang, the story is so compelling, engaging, heartwarming, and very much unputdownable. I can't stop reading until I get the answer. I love how Beth plays with words and sometimes we don't know that is a hint. It is really a well-written story. I love the fact that this book is beautiful, emotionally engaging, and who doesn't like a plot twist in a romance book? Yeap, you wouldn't know it had in this book.