Read With Me #6: Bite Risk by S.J.Wills Review


Bite Risk by S.J.Wills

Bite Risk by S.J. Wills
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 8th June 2023
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Rating: 4.7⭐
Source: Pansing


I have no idea what to expect from this story. Step into the story with less expectation, and then, poof, I'm loving it. I'm really enjoying my time reading the book, and I'm so sad it ended. Especially if you are a fan of Stranger Things, this should be on your wishlist to read. The story follows an ordinary small town that has a strange happening when the full moon rises. The adults in the town will become werewolves, leaving the children to hide to save their lives. Hence, all kids decided to lock up their parents, but the Turned escape and dangers lie ahead.

It is so exciting to follow the journey of Sel and his friends as they figure out why it happened and how they can solve the case. My curiosity has gone high, wanting to know what will happen next. The plot is super interesting and really captivates me when I decide to step into this story. With a fast pace and a gripping story, you find yourself tightly gripping the book, only to know that you will finish it in one sitting. I was shocked to know there was a twist in this story, and that made this book one of my favourite middle grade book. It was a fantastic read!

Thank you Pansing for the review copy in return for an honest review


The Last Kids on Earth gets a lupine twist by way of Margaret Peterson Haddix in this eerie middle grade adventure set in a small town where all the adults are werewolves but the kids begin to suspect something else sinister is putting them at even greater risk.

Eleven-year-old Sel lives in the remote, isolated town of Tremorglade where every month on the full moon, kids like him must lock up and guard their parents while they transform into werewolf-like creatures called Rippers. This is everyone’s new normal since the Disruption changed ways of life around the world, well before Sel was born.

…Or is it?

When strange things begin happening in Tremorglade, like drones emitting sickening sounds and pen pals behaving oddly, Sel and his friends begin asking questions about what’s really going on. But suspiciously soon after they do, Rippers begin escaping on confinement nights, people start disappearing, and the kids suspect they’re being followed.

Maybe there’s a reason no one ever leaves Tremorglade…and it’s up to Sel and his friends to figure out the truth before another full moon puts them all at a bite risk.

Bite Risk by S.J.Wills