Review Policy & Rating System

I would love to say 'Hi and Hello' to the Publishers, Distributions & Authors! *Drum rolls*

Thank you for your interest in my blog and given full trust on me to do a review on your book. I definitely would love to lend a hand to do a review and feature your books on my Blog. I accept print Advance Reader Copy(ARCs), Finished Copies and also in e-book which accepts in Mobi format.

Books I Love and Enjoy Reading and Review :

  • Young Adult
    • Fiction
    • Dystopian/ Sci-Fi
    • Contemporary
    • Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Romance
  • General Fiction
  • Middle Grade

Review Policy

I will review all the books that I have finish reading.

💙 I will be giving my fair and honest review & opinion about the book, without influence by any. 

I will also post my reviews on:

My review will post will be cover with:
    • Basic information on the book. (Title, Author, Pages, Publisher, Publication Date, Genre, the source of the book on how I get it.)
    • Buy Links
    • Synopsis
    • My Thoughts
    • Star Rating
Star Rating Format

My most favourite book and I love it VERY much.

On top of my heart, I do love and enjoy the book.

I really liked and enjoy the book but 

I liked the book but somehow, it does not spark really well in my heart.

I'm at my neutral state. Not like it much but not hate it at all.

For me, the book is okay. Maybe the book is for someone else.

I have to put the book down. I'm sorry. It might not work for me.

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